Health benefits of Vitamin D The amazing sunshine Vitamin D Many recent studies have identified the Vitamin D level in most people is adequate to fight Ricketts (severe vitamin D deficiency with bone loss), but is grossly inadequate to treat the major killers of heart disease and cancer.

Yes you heard me correctly, that Vitamin D can reduce cancer by 77% over a four-year period and lessen heart disease by 58%. 

The sad part about this is that Vitamin D is so inexpensive (5¢ a day), that none of the pharmaceutical companies can make money on it, so they immediately start the vitamin D bashing barrage.

Unfortunate for them, and fortunate for us, the data defining its incredible benefits is pouring in so fast that they can’t stop all the discussions which are occurring in the medical field.

No Vitamin has had more recent scientific studies published than the amazing sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D.

Numerous studies have recently identified the advantages of appropriate Vitamin D therapy in marked decline of cancer, cardiovascular disease and preservation of Bone structure. I say appropriate because the previous RDA recommendation for vitamin D of 400 IU is grossly inadequate. Also other investigators say that we get plenty of Vitamin D from sun exposure.

Than I ask you why did the 600 women in the study in Nebraska, who took 1000 IU have a 77% drop in all cancers over a 4-year period. You heard that right. A 77 % reduction, and the women who received only the placebo sugar pill, and who had the same sun exposure, saw no improvement in the incidence of cancers. Don’t just depend on the sun for adequate vitamin D supplementation. Besides, $1.63/month, how can you lose?

Dr. Garland et al, combined data from 29 observational studies in his review. He determined that in North America, a projected 50% decrease in the incidence of colon cancer, would require 2,000 IU/day of vitamin D3. A similar reduction in breast cancer would require approximately 3500 IU/day. By the way, the previously subscribed archaic daily requirement of Vitamin D is 400 IU/day. Just not enough!

So how does vitamin D protect my heart? Vitamin D stops the inflammation that occurs within the arteries. By stopping inflammation, blocking the growth of smooth muscle inside the vessel wall which results in narrowed arteries, and controlling enzymes that cause the rupture of cholesterol plaques inside the arteries, Vitamin D protects our blood vessels. Protecting our arteries that supply critical blood flow to our heart will keep your heart healthy.

Vitamin D will reduce blood pressure by the same mechanism used in expensive blood pressure medications. With lowering of blood pressure, reduction of the dangerous thickening of heart muscle occurs. In patients with low levels of vitamin D, there is an increased incidence of heart failure and thickened heart muscle

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Vitamin D: Cardiovascular Effects and Beyond
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