FDA I would like to congratulate the FDA for finally stepping up and telling the real truth about  cholesterol lowering  statin drugs more commonly known by the brand names Lipitor, Crestor and Zocor.

Statin drugs block an enzyme that plays a big part in the liver’s production of cholesterol but cholesterol is absolutely required by your body in so many ways.

Cholesterol is not the villain that pharmaceutical companies want you to believe but global sales of $150 billion push the drug. Statins are very dangerous drugs.

Studies have been pouring in over the last five years of all the major health risks caused by these agents.

Of course the drug company sponsored “experts” want to tell you things like, “The value of statins in preventing heart disease has been clearly established,” or that “The benefits of statin medications for most individuals exceed the potential risks.

But the bottom line is they may be helpful for only a very small group of patients (1%), clearly not the massive overprescribing that is occurring now.

An  incredulous headline in a recent edition of Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper read: New study finds cholesterol meds don’t work. Can it really be true that statins won’t stop heart attacks?”

You may ask yourself, if it is true, why am I taking it?

After a careful review of all statin literature, a recent report by the Cochrane Collaboration team recommended that statins shoud not be used in primary prevention of hear diease. Did you hear much about that?

Their damning new analysis found that statins don’t make a drop of difference for 99.9 percent of all low-risk customers conned and coerced  into taking them. Primary prevention means you have a blood test and your cholesterol is 230. Your doctor tells you that you need to be on a cholesterol lowering drug or you will have a stroke or a heart attack.

This careful review clearly demonstrates that is a lie..no a damn lie. Forcing these patients (and now making them patients with a disease process) has made statins the world’s best-selling drugs. There are millions of people taking these medications every day despite no history of heart attacks, heart disease or even in patients with normal cholesterol levels.

So why are people taking statins? I don’t know and as a heart surgeon, I have a very good understanding of heart disease. 

One fact is clear – taking statins for elevated cholesterol is certainly not doing anyone any good and probably doing harm. Of course the drug companies earning 170 billion dollars makes you a patient with a disease.

A 2011 study, carefully looked at 14 clinical trials involving more than 34,000 customers( now considered patients), and found that 1,000 people needed to take a statin every day for an entire year to prevent one single death. Sounds like you would have much better odds in Vegas!

Please understand that your doctor is being told he/she must follow the statin, cholesterol lowering drug guidelines or else…but the data doesn’t support it and the doctors writing the guidelines are bought and paid for by Big Pharma.

So don’t be so tough on your doctor. Try telling him you won’t take it because elevated cholesterol does not cause heart disease. Then tell him you’d rather take Omega -3 fish oils, exercise and eat better by avoiding carbohydrates all of which are far better choices.

Taking a statin will not only increase your risk of memory changes and diabetes, but also make all your joints hurt, cause you to gain weight and may spiral you into depression.

Just say no to statins if you are only being treated for a cholesterol number.

I urge you to speak with your doctor and tell him about all this new information that does not support using statins  because he may not know and you can be sure his cholesterol lowering drug reps won’t tell him either.

Thank you to the FDA for starting down the road to regulating the over-prescribing of statins.

Dr. Robert Carlson, MD, FACS