harm from prescribing birth control for menopauseI have recently seen a number of women who have presented with symptomatic menopause suffering from weight gain, sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression, headaches and often hot flashes.

These women  were prescribed birth control pills by their gynecologist. 

Many other patients have told me that they were offered birth control pills for menopausal symptoms and refused them or threw the prescription away (the smart ones) and that they knew many of their friends were also taking birth control pills for menopausal symptoms.

I was very upset when I heard that because so many studies have proven that synthetic progestins used in women over 40 have an alarming increase approaching a 61 % increase incidence of breast cancer.  This would be comparable to me providing Krispy Kreme donuts, McDonalds French fries and a bowl full of cigarettes to patients immediately following heart surgery.

That would be crazy but so is giving menopausal women birth control pills or synthetic progestins like Medroxyprogesterone, Prempro or Provera.  We know there have been at least 12 studies in the last six years that have confirmed the fact that synthetic progestins cause breast cancer.

Unfortunately the doctors who are most devote in waving the pink ribbon supporting breast cancer research and breast cancer awareness are the same ones prescribing these cancer causing agents on a daily basis. 

This is probably one of the major causes for the increased incidence of breast cancer. That’s just nuts and makes no sense.

A large French study with 80,000 women has confirmed that using natural progesterone, not the dangerous synthetic progestins, reduced the incidence of breast cancer as well.  

So why not use natural progesterone?

Studies have repeatedly proven that natural progesterone improves sleep by at least 30 %, weight gain, anxiety, depression by 60 %, and improved memory by 40 % when compared to using the breast cancer causing synthetic progestins.

I don’t understand why this very minute hundreds of women are being prescribed progestins when your own natural progesterone will fight breast cancer, reduce heart disease, help you remain calm, sleep better and get rid of bell fat.

Stick with the same hormones that were so kind to you in your twenties giving you energy, great memory and calmness and are now gone. Bio-identical Hormone therapy is the answer, and synthetic progestins are the problem.

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