Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy which is rich in growth factors and platelets (one of the human body’s most potent mediators of healing), has now arrived at the Ändlö’s Institute.

Using a patient’s own blood, which is carefully prepared, we bring the amazing science of growth factors and healing to joint pains, hair loss, and facial rejuvenation. We are proud to be one of the few centers in the area providing therapies using PRP. 

Heart surgeon, Dr. Robert Carlson, underwent advanced training through the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery to bring these amazing advancements using PRP to his patients.

PRP has been shown to help in both female and male hair loss problems by delivering the nurturing growth factors to areas of hair loss, reducing the hair loss process, and restoring new hair growth. 

Just like sports legend Kobe Bryant who experienced the benefits of PRP, Dr. Carlson uses PRP in managing joint injuries specifically the knees and shoulders.  These healthy growth factors when injected into the joint spaces accelerate healing and give relief to patients who were told they were ”bone on bone” and surgery was the only option. 

A patient, John, has been struggling with severe knee pain that has limited his activities. He was told most of his cartilage was gone and he needed a knee replacement at the age of 50.   Being self-employed and working outside, this was not an option.

Within a week after the 30 minute procedure, John stated that “knee is actually feeling better, regaining stability and much less bone on bone feeling.”  After his second PRP injection, he described ”balance is becoming second nature again, and “I am now starting to run again, something I missed so much after my multiple knee surgeries in the past and was told I would never do again.”

The most important thing about this therapy is that it is safe because it is your own cells. There is no downtime and it can be used in combination with other therapies.

This is exciting as it’s not a drug but actually comes from our own bodies. Call Dr. Carlson’s patient coordinator to learn more at (941) 955-1815.