Dr. Carlson’s six month clinical trial to test the power and efficacy of PRO-VÄXA in hair regrowth made many patients and other doctors and spas extremely happy. 

The results have been astonishing for women who battled hair falling out, men with thinning hair and male pattern baldness and for those who simply wanted more luxurious and thick hair.

PRO-VÄXA is a clinically proven, 100% all natural vitamin designed to deliver critical nutrients to the scalp to help stimulate growth and help stop hair loss. 

PRO-VÄXA is scientifically composed to help both men and women suffering from hair loss to actually retain, regrow and stop hair loss in its tracks. 

PRO-VÄXA’s unique formula helps reverse hair loss, increase hair count and improve hair thickness. Hair becomes healthy, luxuriant and full when used daily.  Please allow 90 days to see best results.

Hair loss can be caused by stress, poor nutrition, and hormonal imbalances in your body.  PRO-VÄXA effectively aids your body in obtaining balance.  One of the most common causes of hair loss can be caused by hormonal imbalance. 

 Androgenic Alopecia results in thinning hair and the familiar receding hairline. Individuals suffering from this hormonal imbalance have elevated dihygrotestosterone (DHT) in their scalp.  PRO-VÄXA’s active ingredients are specifically formulated to block the formation of DHT thus stopping hair loss caused by DHT.  The health of the hair follicle and thyroid imbalance both improve.

Men and women whose hair is still in a growth phase (ideally 18 to 50) receive the greatest benefits from using PRO-VÄXA.  As long as hair is still in a growth phase, older men and women will see hair growth as well.  If you’re 65 years old and still need routine haircuts, your hair is in a growth phase.   

PRO-VÄXA’s active ingredients are all natural and include vitamins, herbal and mineral DHT blockers and hair growth enhancers.

PRO-VÄXA is a convenient hair loss supplement created by a physician and now available without a prescription. Simply take 3 capsules per day. 

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