Bioidentical Hormone Replacement TherapyThank you for your interest and dedication in searching out answers to improving your quality of life through hormone therapy.

I believe that replacing dwindling hormones levels back to when we were in our twenties and thirties is not only healthy but will protect us from cancer and heart disease.

If it is natural having low levels of hormones, and cancer and heart disease are inevitable, then why not replace and balance those hormones that were so kind to us and brought us youthful energy.

The answer is there is no reason not to replace these hormones, and repeated studies have shown reductions in cancer, heart disease and quality of life when these hormones are balanced and restored.

Think about it, it makes perfect sense.

Pressing questions you might have about Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapies:

What is a bio-identical hormone?

Bioidentical hormones are hormones that are identical to our hormones that circulated in our body when we were younger and even now, though in lesser amounts. And there lies the problem. They are hormones that are exact copies of endogenous (from inside our body) human hormones, including estriol, estradiol, progesterone, as opposed to synthetic versions with different chemical structures or non-human versions, such as Premarin.

Bioidentical hormones are also referred to as “natural” hormones, but that might be confusing, because even though they are identical to our own hormones in structure and function, they started out as hormones from a Yam. Yes a yam, but different side branches to the hormone present naturally in a yam were removed synthetically to create a hormone identical to ours.

While other hormones referred to as natural, such as the Conjugated Equine (horse) Estrogens or Premarin are produced naturally by horses, collected in their urine and given directly to you as a horse’s estrogen.

They left all those nasty horse “side-chains” attached them and therefore the hormone is nothing like your hormone but is identical to a horse’s. Well good for the horse and bad for you as the horse has numerous compounds in the preparation, that are definitely foreign and potentially harmful to the human body (i.e. equipollence).

So what is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?

It is a totally different approach to attaining and maintaining health. My goal is to take hormones that circulated at levels when you were in your twenties and thirties, and restore those levels in situations where they have fallen to very low levels.

Though it might be considered “natural” to have these hormones in levels that result in weight gain, depression, anxiety, mood swings, hot flashes, headaches, and difficulty sleeping, I feel that this is not “natural”. Is not sleeping at night with the resulting exhaustion during the day natural? Are having hot flashes throughout the day “natural”?

Are having migraine headaches that nearly disable you natural? There is nothing healthy or natural about these symptoms, so why not correct the hormone levels that will restore you to a healthy, and happy state?

Bioidentical hormones are hormones that are identical to our hormones that circulated in our body when we were younger.

Synthetic progesterone (Provera or Prempro) are not natural, nor is Premarin (Horse Urine Estrogen). They do not look anything like your natural hormones, nor do they act like them.

What Results can I expect?

Resolution of hot flashes. In some ladies this may occur as quickly as two to three weeks. Restful sleep, which may occur as quickly as one week, but obviously correction of other abnormalities will ultimately affect how great a sleep you can attain. Improved energy levels- certainly identifying the reason will be critical, but optimizing hormones including your thyroid will be important.

Often with therapy patient’s energy levels improve after a few weeks.

A study performed in Michigan by Dr. Pamela Smith, found that 90% of the women who presented to her clinic on antidepressants, anti-anxieties, or sleeping pills, had those drugs stopped because they no longer needed them when their hormones were balanced.

Why treat a progesterone deficiency with Valium? Why treat an estrogen deficiency with Elavil or Prozac? Why treat a progesterone deficiency that robs you of sleep with a sleeping pill? Why not correct these hormone deficiencies? The problem is not an Elavil deficiency, or a Prozac deficiency or an Ambien deficiency. It’s a deficiency in your own natural hormones.

How much do these therapies cost?

Every patient’s needs and concerns are different. Because of this, your individualized treatment plan will be different. Medication costs vary depending on the dosage, strength, and the medications themselves.

If you wish to have your medications billed to your insurance company, most pharmacies are able to do this. However, insurance coverage varies between insurance companies and medications, so out-of-pocket costs will vary.

HGH coverage is almost universally denied. In some cases, coverage is limited to brand name HGH, so your co-pay is actually higher than paying for the compounded HGH completely out-of-pocket.

I do not bill insurance.

I provide patients with an invoices containing all relevant information for them to submit the bill for insurance reimbursement if they wish.

However, insurance coverage for preventative care is generally low, if there is any coverage at all. Generally, your medication will be at least $100 per month (without insurance coverage).

Why can’t my family doctor take care of ordering these medications?

The approach to these therapies is completely different then seeing you physician for 10 minutes and processing your co-pay on the way out. I devote a minimum of one to two hours on each patient, explaining therapies and discussing risks and benefits. I devote a tremendous amount of time to educating patients, because they need to take control of remaining healthy and avoiding disease.

We are optimizing patients so they have energy and live a fulfilling life. I manage patients by how they feel and how they respond to therapies…….not lab results. That is quite different than the classic conventional medicine we now experience.

I have completed my initial appointment. Now what happens?

All pharmacies are not created equal. I have found some pharmacies that stock all the medications I prescribe. The pharmacies I have had experience with have different levels of quality control, so I would suggest picking a pharmacy you can trust. I have two pharmacies that I suggest, based on my experience, and would be happy to provide their information to you if you have not identified a pharmacy that would work already.

Please fill out the pharmacy instructions form and we will electronically send your prescription for these medications to your pharmacy of choice. This may take up to 2 business days, as I travel back to Sarasota the evening of the appointment. If you contact your pharmacy and the medication is not available please contact my office at 941-955-1815, or

The creation of bio-identical creams is very individualized and I will order these medications after your appointments. Prescriptions are sent in three month increments to coincide with the followup schedule. Make sure you schedule your next appointment at least a month in advance so your appointment happens before you run out of medications.

Please call my office at: 941-955-1815 if you have questions.

I will provide CPT codes for the initial consultation, as well as subsequent follow-ups so that you may submit the bill for insurance reimbursement if they wish. However, insurance coverage for preventative care is generally low, if there is any coverage at all.

I make the adjustments and recommendations for your medications at your appointments.

Your prescriptions will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice during or shortly after your appointments. If there are questions about the therapy, reactions to the therapy, or inquiries into additional therapies between appointments, please contact my office at 941-955-1815. For emergencies, dial 9-1-1.