Where can I find more information?
Several articles and video clips created by the doctor can be found on this page. If the information you are looking for is not there, nor on the rest of this website, feel free to contact our office by phone at 941-955-1815 or by email at contact@andlos.com.
What kind of insurance coverage can I expect for appointments?
We do not bill insurance. However, we do provide patients with the information required to file for an insurance reimbursement themselves. Hormone management is slowly being recognized as legitimate medicine by the insurance companies. We simply are unable to provide enough time for our patients if we bill insurance companies directly. Filing for reimbursement is often more successful and faster than billing the insurance company anyway.
What kind of insurance coverage can I expect for my medications?
Estrogen and progesterone replacement seems to be covered by the most insurance companies. Some insurance companies reject testosterone replacement outright, some have stringent requirements for it, and some will cover it. Thyroid medications are almost universally covered. Vitamin injections, such as B-12, are often covered. Growth Hormone replacement coverage is rarely covered. Coverage depends on the insurance company. A short list of coverage requirements by insurance carrier can be found on this page. This list is not perfect, coverage depends also on a patients specific plan.
What kind of insurance coverage can I expect for aesthetic treatments – Liposuction, Botox, etc?
None. Even for medically necessary treatments, these procedures are denied by insurance companies.
What are the risks with the treatments, medications, or therapies?
Doctors are bound to “Do no harm”. Our medical staff is very cautious. We will let you know what risks are involved with anything we provide. If there is a rational possibility something will harm a patient, we will not do it. This is why we are very strict on refills for medications. Though it may be tempting to abuse some medications and treatments we provide, it will be harmful, and we will not enable you. Stick to the plan setup for you by the doctor and you will see the results and stay safe and healthy.
What will this cost?
Of course the costs will vary widely depending on any number of factors. Contact our office by phone at 941-955-1815 or by email at contact@andlos.com for more information to help you in your decision making.
Where are you located?
Andlos Institute is located at 2914 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota, FL, 34239. You can find our building on the north side of the Sarasota Memorial Hospital complex.
What is a bio-identical hormone?
Bioidentical hormones are hormones that are exact copies of endogenous (produced from within) human hormones as opposed to synthetic versions with different chemical structures or animal-based, such as Premarin. Conjugated Equine (horse) Estrogens (i.e. Premarin) are extracted from horse urine. However, the horse “side-chains” are not removed and therefore the medication has unintentional side-effects from the additional horse hormones. The horse has numerous compounds in the preparation, that are definitely foreign and potentially harmful to the human body (equipollence). Bioidentical hormones start out as hormones from a yam. The difference is the bioidentical hormones have the side-chains removed to create only hormones identical to ours.