I am very pleased to announce a new addition to our cosmetic services – the Dermapen.

The Dermapen is an excellent addition to any dermatological or aesthetic medical practice. Micro-needling is an established treatment modality with known benefits.

The unique Dermapen automatic micro-needling device adds new versatility with adjustable needling depth, treatment intensity, increased efficiency and the option to focus treatments on troubled areas.

The device may also enhance the delivery of medical and cosemeceutical products to a more effective level in the skin. I see the Dermapen as a primary or adjunctive treatment for skin rejuventation, scars, skin texture, fine wrinkles, and abnormal pigmentation.

Robert Carlson, MD, FACS

Andlos Institute

“I was so happy with my first Dermapen treatment. Immediately my skin was significantly softer and two days later I felt like my skin was glowing. I went out without foundation because I didn’t feel like I needed it! I would definitely get a Dermapen treatment again and look forward to the results after multiple treatments!” –Kathryn S.

“I have absolutely loved my experience with Dermapen so far. I have looked forward to every treatment. One of the things I have loved most about Dermapen is that I have been able see results right away. Having had quite a few other treatments before Dermapen to treat my Acne scars, I really felt that this treatment made a lot of sense and I loved the results. One of the other things I have appreciated about this treatment is the recovery time. I am able to go to work and live my everyday lifestyle without feeling or looking any different. Dermapen is a practical, painless and sensible treatment option. I would reccomend it to anyone.” –Mallory M.

“The Dermapen is great! It didn’t hurt at all and I could go back to work without an embarrassing red face. My skin felt so soft and fresh the next day. I’m excited to now see my wrinkles start to fade away.” -Casey S.

“The redness went away in a few days and I was pleased with the results, as there appears to be improvement in the lines around my eyes.”  –Leslie S.

“I wanted to touch base and tell you I am so enjoying my Dermapen, I am getting calls constantly from clients telling me they love their skin after one treatment. I can’t believe how well this works. I guess I have to admit that I was a little skeptical when you guys first demoed it for me and will this be wonderful? Well, it has really grown my business. I wanted to tell you that I am really pleased.”  –Kim – Skin Spa Utah

“I have been doing clinical grade needling for 3 years now. One of the issues for clients is the discomfort of treatments and it is fantastic to now have the Dermapen which is a far more comfortable way of doing needling for Collagen Induction Therapy, I can vouch for this from client feedback and my own experiences of needling my skin. There is less bleeding too. I would recommend practitioners to add this to their portfolio of treatment options, especially as it is something only Doctors and Nurses can purchase and perform.” – Tracy Shepherd

“The Dermapen treatment triggers collagen production through a micro-needling technique. It can be used to improve scarring (Acne scarring & keloid scars), hyperpigmentation and stretch marks. It can also be used to retexturize the skin. The Dermapen can also help with skin tightening!”  Allie Blazzard  Center for Anti-Aging and Aesthetics – St. George, Utah

“A new technology lets you treat and tighten your skin with no lasers, no downtime, and for a fraction of the cost. Dr. Justin Johnsen with Utah Eye and Facial Plastic Surgery explains how the Dermapen can improve your appearance for a lot less than other treatments.”   Dr. Justin Johnsen  Utah Eye and Facial Plastic Surgery 

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