The Myth of Cholesterol

the truth about cholesterol Chances are that if you’re over 30, your doctor wants to put you on a statin drug to lower your cholesterol. 

He probably filled you with terror about your elevated levels (and probably didn’t check the ratio of your HDL AND LDL). 

Please read this twice:  Statin drugs are not your friends! 

They are dangerous and may cause more health problems than they help. 

Cholesterol is not evil and it is not trying to kill you. 

Cholesterol is actually the foundation for several naturally produced hormones in your body. It helps build Vitamin D. It keeps your digestion working better, and it allows you to remember where you put your car keys. It’s NOT the bad guy!  The secret bad guy that no one talks about is inflammation.

Inflammation causes cancer, heart disease, pain and agony.So why are we so focused on cholesterol? Why is the threshold for cholesterol being “too high” dropping every year?  Because statin drugs made the pharmaceutical companies 32 billion dollars last year!

Because it made the insurance companies millions of dollars referring to people with elevated cholesterol, as high risk heart patients and therefore increasing their premiums.  Because doctors make money when people don’t feel well, and you are likely to end up back in their office if you are on statins.Who is going to argue with increased statin use? 

The only person it doesn’t benefit is patients, and most patients don’t know what is going on.If you don’t really understand the biochemical underpinnings of the body, cholesterol is an easy fall guy.

It really comes down to money; cholesterol drugs (and all the other drugs to combat their side effects) are a big business and YOU are the one being screwed. It’s time to take on the real culprit and you have proven, inexpensive resources right at your fingertips:  fish oils, resveratrol, policosanol, and coQ10 fight the true bad guy called inflammation.

There’s not a lot of big money to be made in natural products – you can’t patent them and create an artificial monopoly on fish oil.  There aren’t any fish oil reps showing up at your doctor’s office to butter them up about the wonders of fish oil. 

The research is available, the simple and natural solution is at your corner store at a price that anyone can afford.  Some doctors are out there who are willing compare the benefits and side effects of statins with fish oils.